This poducts will be sold worldwide only to government organisations and should be used according the law of the specific country of use!

NEW – NEW – NEW  LTE Private Network

pLTE network brochure -EN (PDF)


PJS-R6-1360-2680-120_Datasheet_VL (Comlab PDF)

CJS-R6-1360-2680-220-A3 (Comlab PDF)

CJS-A3R6-1510-2980-620 (Comlab PDF)



Radio Signal Monitoring, Classificator and Direction Finder Based on TdoA

QUIRINIUS Drone Detection Brochure E V1.0 Symlab (Symlab Drone Dedection systemPDF)

SYMLAB MADS Overview – Klein (Movie)

Radio Signal Direction Finder Based on Interferometer or Watson Watt

SHFIDF3537F (Symlab PDF)

SHFIDF3537F2 (Symlab PDF)

SVUCIDF3796F (Symlab PDF)

TVUIDF2739F3 (Symlab PDF)

TVUIDF2778F2 (Symlab PDF)

AVUIDF1829F (Symlab PDF)

Anti PIR Equipment

Purge Datasheet (Palisade PDF)

Perimeter Security Equipment

FSTD (Symlab PDF) Far Standoff Threat Detector


PSR-KBand (Symlab PDF) Perimeter Radar